Thursday, June 02, 2011

You know, there was a time that you could trust cops

I mean that you could trust them to act like professional peace keepers, instead of some kind of Statz Police.

We used to be able to confide in them without having to worry about a minor misdemeanor, or slip of the tongue landing us in jail ofn some kind of trumped-up felony.

OR lying about the reason they beat a semi-paralyzed polio victim, and refused medical help, because they didn't want the lies they put in an official police report to come to light.

It's time that next time this happens, that when the court orders restitution to the victims- that those cops pay the bill and not the victim through higher taxes.
But that'll never happen because then our Judge Dred wannabes would be hurting in the pay department and not be able to afford all the Rambo crap they want to use agains innocent civilians.

You know, I used to really give the benefit of the doubt to the police.
They've proved they don't deserve it.

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