Saturday, June 25, 2011

For Eric

The Straight White Guy- who loves Adak so much:

The sign says "You are now entering and leaving The Adak National Forest".

Those were the ONLY trees on that island.


  1. :)

    In my USN time, a transfer to Adak was the ultimate threat.

  2. True story: my first Navy cruise on the USS Enterprise back in 1987 was a little 1-monther up around Alaska. We had a drawing on the ship, and the winner got to spend a day at the Adak base.

    Turns out the guys at the base had a similar drawing, with the winner getting to spend a day on the Enterprise.

    I never saw the base, but it really made me wonder what kind of hole it was that an aircraft carrier's amenities seemed swell by comparison.

  3. I was a Sea Bee on a 7 month Det. up there, so I didn't have much of a problem with being in the sticks as others.
    When we were there in the mid-`80's they were supplying cable to the dorms (I was a sub of time -as a CE it's in a days work)and I also was kind of a nature-boy who liked spending time in a semi-volcanic rock with a lot of WWII stuff to be found.

  4. of time= off time. (from my normal work)


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