Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Remember that sick-out in Wisconsin?

Where those union thugs who are getting big bucks for not teaching kids?
Which dragged on for endless weeks of hippies, drum circles and lies about non-union states and their education systems?

...And the mis-spelled signs and historical mistakes?

Now we have some comparisons from school testing results from the overachieving unionized teachers unions in Wisconsin and that semi-literate state of Texas where the non-unionized teachers don't haul in over $100K of pay and bennies.

I added the blue line in the math graph for Texas to make it a little easier to compare graphs.
I'd like to add something that everyone else forgets in their head-to-head comparisons, that being the 76.3% of lily white kids and 8% hispanics in Wisconsin schools compared to the 34% white bread and 47.9% hispanics in Texas schools.
I might ad that a lot of those vatos don't habla anglis muy bueno, either...

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