Monday, June 06, 2011

This is the last Weiner post I'm planning on making

As the poll showed, my readers know how Liberals will act, and can call it better than those self-same Liberals can about themselves.

Of all those new pics that are all over the intratubzz today I'm only going to make reference to one.

Did that shirtless pic get sent before or after Putin took his vacation?

And in closing out our odyssey into foreseen unforeseen results of a Liberals actions- the poll is closed with the unsurprising results of 41 votes broken down as
  • He'll tuff it out and demand a Repub resign 26 votes @63%
  • He resigns                                                  6 votes @15%
  • The Libs in the House give him a standing "O" 5 votes @12%
  • He doesn't get re-elected                           4 votes @10%
Anyone who's watched  the way Liberals act should have known the way this poll would go, because we've seen it from Slick Willey on up.

As always you can still vote in the original, but it won't count.

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