Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A money saving PSA

If you're into woodworking.
Lets say you have some found wood that would look real good cleaned up and made into furniture and you have a planer in your shop.

No matter how much you sand and scrape, there is always going to be something that'll ruin those planer blades.
So what you want to do is buy you another good set and be ready to ruin that set for the first several passes until it's clean or the blades are too dull. Then you use the other side until they're unusable.
What you do now will save money down the road.
Take those dull ones out and bring them over to your belt sander!
Put on a semi-fine belt and with a board backing it, make about six passes on the back of each blade. That takes the dull off, and makes them available for more destructive prep work...and saves your new sharp fine finish blades.

If you don't mind the distressed wood look, you can make some niiice furniture out of oak pallets and dunage.

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  1. Great tip! Ditto on the pallet suggestion too. I built my first clock out of salvaged oak pallets.