Monday, June 20, 2011

Welcome to the third world San Antonio!

Look forward to:
  • More rolling power outages!
  • More unannounced outages!
  • Higher energy costs! No- higher that that.
  • Costlier land!
  • More expensive food!
  • More expensive gas!
  • More unemployment!
  • Intrusive 'smart grid' technologies that regulate your thermostat and other appliances.
But, HEY we're getting rid of those smelly, evil coal-fired multi-megawatt power stations and replacing them with unicorn farts.

"We're glad to see that it will be going away," Environment Texas Director Luke Metzger said in a news release. "We applaud Mayor Castro (DEMOCRAT) and CPS Energy for their leadership in designing an energy future that will bring clean air and green jobs to Texas instead of more asthma attacks and poisoned waters. Solar is clean, never runs out and will bring high-paying jobs to the Alamo city."
...Except that the sun sets at night and the wind isn't always blowing, and how many people will die because of all those new power losses and being unable to afford to run their air conditioners in the 100+ degree Texas summers?

Just out of curiosity- who is the Clean Air Task Force?
According to a study by the Clean Air Task Force, power plant pollution in Bexar County is linked to 282 asthma attacks and 11 deaths every year.

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