Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where were you in June 1988?

I was suffering my last year in CBU 408 to be able to go home with my honorable discharge in my nicotine stained fingers.

I was reminded of the brilliant testimony of one James Hanson(NASA weather geek) while reading this Powerline post about the fraud that is AGW.

I took the time to look it up (about 5 seconds) and to scan through it (about 5 excruciating minutes that I'll never get back), to find that in his entire testimony to the U.S. Senate the sun was never mentioned as a source of heat, light, radiation or...anything. No one in the Senate committee room (which had the A/C turned off) even bothered to mention it either.

He did, however say that AGW was already happening, but they couldn't prove it- and that by now the entire midwest was going to be a new desert.

You know, after reading it to find a screencap, I'm surprised that it doesn't 'really' say anything.
It's a bunch of scientifically worded guesses, and loopholes that say "we think the world is going to get hotter, but can't tell because it's climate and not weather"
But that's OK because we got our message out in this un-necessarily hot room as a point.
I'm also (not really- because connections) that-  all you need to get a hearing in the Senate was some lame piece of paper with a crapload of scientific sounding guesses ...that didn't say anything- to convince the Powers-That-Be to start fucking up the country like they have been.

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  1. Man this is weird. We were just discussing it. My youngest son was Born in August of that year. My wife was preggers, I was working 12 hours a day at one job (The same one I am in now, just a lot higher up the ladder) and 4 hours a day in another the entire summer trying to support 1 kid and another on the way. All I remember about that time is that I really wished I had joined the marines... Would have been a lot easier...