Thursday, June 30, 2011

Iz the hole intratubz slow?

Or are the servers of the company I'm working for really slow?
My Speakeasy speed test tells me I'm getting like 7MG downloads and 1Mg uploads which is almost four times as fast as what I'm paying for at home, but this computer is acting like I'm back on WildBlue with a TOS restriction on me.

Anyway, I'm getting used to the humidity.
The Texas gulf coast is booming with the oil and gas coming online.
There are almost no rentals available in a price I want to pay.
AEP has decided that they'd rather put their customers in the dark with expensive electricity than be teased for using naturally occurring fuel for their power plants and are going to shut down the coal plants and rely on solar and wind.

I wonder if that RV park/cabin rental has any fire arms recreation on their ten acres outside of Rockport? That should be worth the rent and ride to town...


  1. Hey, maybe you would know. Is there anyway a new mouse would make your computer perform much better? I got a Logitech M310 to replace an older one and something has caused this 'puter to perform twice as fast for the last two days. Doesn't make sense to me, but I'm basically computer illiterate.