Sunday, June 26, 2011

So, Chris Wallace are you a real newsman?

Or are you just as drugged up as your eyes make you look?

I figured that was as fair a question as you asking Michelle Bachman if she was a "flake".
Yeah, thanks for giving the Left and MSM (but I repeat myself)a nice handy tagline for her campaign.


  1. OK, so all the little Geobbles on the Left aren't going to be capitalizing on it when she becomes a major player?
    SatNitLive isn't going to have a Bachmanized Tina Fey saying something like "I can see the north pole from MY house! :-D"?

    Seriously, he's supposed to be a real news reporter- how did that end up in the interview?

  2. The Left and the MSM (but I repeat myself) will still play their dirty tricks, Kurt. It's how US politics works. Chris Wallace is among the better/more fair journalists out there, witness Jon Stewart trying to use him as a whipping boy. He had a brain fart, we all do. It happens.

  3. And he just handed the MSM a nice big fat soundbite that says "Look- even conservative newsies think she's a dingbat".

    I know we all say stupid shit, and I'm sure he meant his apology as a sincere one.