Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Does president 'Gutzy Kall' have anything to say about this?

It looks like everyone that helped him personally kill OBL is being rounded up by Paki intelligence and then disappearing.

It's like he doesn't care what happens to anyone who puts their lives on the line to help him. I'm sure anyone else who may have been inclined to help us are watching this non-intervention go on and making a lifesaving decision about now.

But then, if we did do something we might make the muzzie Pakies mad and have to send them another billion Dollars to pacify them...

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  1. Actually, since Holder and the Justice Department are prosecuting CIA for torture at Abu Ghraib and GTMO, it's probably worth pondering who will be more hardassed toward our intelligence workers: the Pakis, or our own DOJ?