Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Well, it's a good thing they have unemployment insurance

Because that's about all the compassion I can dig up for those thousands of Democrat minions who lost their jobs on Nov. second.
Because of the way they helped shove all that detested legislation down Americas throat

According to that Liberal rag Politico which was probably gloating back when the Republicans lost in 2008- We're supposed to feel bad for congressional aides that have served their masters for decades and are now unexpectedly out of a gravy job.

Hey, as long as you can influence legislation, you need to make sure that new 99 months of unemployment is passed- since you'll be needing it in this economy you caused.

How's that for compassion?

But positions on the Hill have largely evaporated. K Street and other areas will be oversaturated with applications. The Obama administration, which was a gold mine for jobs in 2008, will have far fewer openings, experts say.

For now, some outgoing Democratic aides are asking for compassion from their Republican colleagues.

“What bothers me now is there is a lot of insensitivity to the plight of these people who are losing their jobs. Pundits are talking about how exciting this turnover is ... but there are real people whose lives are being affected,” said one outgoing Democratic aide. “They really need to show some compassion.”

That's about the same kind of 'compassion' you showed the Republicans- wasn't it?

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  1. So, are the new Republicans supposed to hire Democratic aids? Is that a joke?