Sunday, November 28, 2010

And she's proud of that?

Now we're going to see a book published by this professor telling us how to furnish a home using second hand furnishings.
Yeah, she probably is because she doesn't know anyone who's had to do that.

Because we were all buying new crap when we first started out.
I bet it will be a big seller with freshmen and lower ranking military.

I guess next she's going to discover what you can do with milk crates.

And then move up to CMU blocks and 2x 6's.


  1. ALL of the furniture in my living room was given to me, or bought for pennies. Rocking chair, Recliner, couch, table, four chairs, two 15" speakers, coffee table and a TV, for about $25 total on my part.

  2. But you're not a college perfezzer that takes home a six figure salary.
    Most of my furniture I either made or got second hand.