Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I guess I'll have an extra slice of turkey

Just for these Mujado's who are on a hunger strike for amnesty.

Hell, it was your farging parents who snuck you over the border and never went through the trouble to get legal. Why should YOU get amnesty? So that you can end-around the system to grandfather your ILLEGAL parents that couldn't be bothered to get legal?

I think I'll have to have an extra white meat and dressing sandwich tomorrow - just for your cause.

Here's a nice turkey sandwich little mujado, want to trade it for amnesty?

You know, I do understand their point- they weren't responsible for their parents actions, but DON'T use those Liberal tactics to FORCE it down our throats.
We've had more than enough of that already.
Try an apple instead of a stick,people respond better.

And you students rioting in Kaliforistan, , ,
If the state wasn't giving out breaks for illeagls in the form of instate tuition- you probably wouldn't be having tiuition hikes- ever think about that?

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