Sunday, November 14, 2010

For some reason,,,

The new doggie codeword for "lets get stupidly exuberant" is slut.
See, I'm watching the second showing of AMCs 'Walking', where she is letting the deputy sheriff [her husband's partner]do her. (and I mentioned the word, then the dogs went stupid until I let them out)

OK, yeah his partner told her he was dead, but it's not like they were apart for months. He was in intensive care until the hospital got overrun. But he was on the machine until he woke up... what's that, days?

So it was a month, maybe two since the Zombieclypse that they ended up in Atlanta and she started doing his partener?

I'm pretty much of a male slut, too- but I think I'd wait more than two months before I hooked up with someone if I thought my wife was dead. That respect thing and all, but this is a Hollywood production, so I guess the mourning is hours....

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  1. It happens all the time in Steven King's books, too, e.g., "The Mist," "The Raft." In the latter story, four teenagers are trapped on a raft floating in a lake by a sludge-based monster, which kills/eats two of the teens. Immediately after this, the two remaining teens, apparently overcome by trauma-related lust, start diddling each other, only to be interrupted by the monster...