Wednesday, November 03, 2010

So this is how it ends?

The Republicans at least took over one house of Congress, and it's the one with the power of the purse. I hope they got the message and keep it shut tight.

The Senate is still held by a majority of those that used every slimy, dirty political trick they could to take over as much private business as possible. Now that they know they're safe, they can go even farther in the sixty days they have unstoppable control of legislating the forced Socialization of America.

Because yesterdays blatant and widespread election fraud proves that we no longer live in a representative democracy- and soon, judging from history something bad will happen and it will be blamed on a 'handycapable' person when the purple-shirted thugs will commandeer a radio station..... Canada provoking the need to put 'someone' in unilateral control to do 'something!' about the problem.

But, maybe I'm just getting my wookie on....

Because Liberals don't "really" want to tell everyone what to do,


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