Friday, November 19, 2010

So, is the TSA admitting it's not about safety?

And not explicitly saying it's working to condition the sheeple to obey their gov't betters?

The TSA's own website tells you that they won't be able to see non-metallic weapons or bombs:

Millimeter wave technology produces an image that resembles a fuzzy photo negative.

Backscatter technology produces an image that resembles a chalk etching

But we know they're lying because this NSFW image doesn't look alot like the intentionally altered images in the TSA site, and I bet I'd be able to identify her after she left. ---->link fixed<---- (here is the same pic with colors inverted) Besides, if it's "impossible" to capture an are they going to prosecute someone that brought a 'prohibited' item with them? As an additional thought--if this is such a safety issue, why are they not forcing this 'enhanced' body search on airports that don't have those scanners? Because it would seem to me, that there would be a better chance of someone trying something where there WASN'T a scanner.....but I'm not an appointed, unresponsive, unelected political appointee. THEN we get to the whole "maybe we'll give molsems a pass on the whole enhanced screening" thing. Janet Nepalitano, when asked couldn't come right out and deny they'd get a pass....on religious grounds.

Does someone want to remind her about which religion STARTED us doing this whole security playacting anyway.

Then we have Ray LaHood threatening to block cell phone use in your own private vehicle....for the childeren! the good of the public.

Ad the FCC taking over the internet, monitering your e-mails, IMs and text messages.

Good thing it's not George Bush doing these things, because a government takeover always feels better when it's a warm and fuzzy takeover-


And since the Democrats want to control what you put into your body, you won't even be able to settle your nerves with a rum and Coke, because it'll be illegal to mix the two.

I'd appreciate it if anyone can throw a link my way from Scopes debunking that NSFW pic, since I can't find it.


  1. How do you spell the sound of incoherent rage?

  2. The NSFW image is a fake. Snopes has the story on it but the simplest way to tell is to look at the clothed image --arms by the sides and the unclothed image -- arms out.

    I'm not supporting the TSA's policy but if we are going to work to over turn it, we can make sure our camp is in order by not using fake images.

  3. I saw that, but that doesn't mean it wasn't the same girl in a negative color pic. Her figure looks the same from the back.

    As far as Snopes, I didn't even think about them- my bad, sorry.