Saturday, November 13, 2010


TSA is the most hated government agency. TSA officers are very aware of that fact. We get that some of you come through and even though you hate it, you suck it up and do what you have to do. Then there are some of you who intentionally make things difficult. Screw you and stop it. It is a Federal crime to mess with a TSA officer trying to do their job and you will get arrested. You want to make a point and show your outrage to the world. TSA headquarters is in Virginia. Get on your little bike and ride. Go protest out in front of the headquarters, file your lawsuits, write in your complaints and do your tv interviews but stop messing with the TSA officers trying to do their job. Stop making a point of going to the airport just so you can cause a scene and draw attention to your cause. We get it there are some people who think everyone should have absolute rights and freedom to do whatever they want but it doesn’t work that way. Once you are at the security checkpoint you are on Federal territory and you need to keep yourself in check or you will end up arrested.

Now if you want to fly, suck it up and accept that you have to submit to the security procedures. Yes you think they are stupid or unnecessary but TSA officers and TSA don’t care what you think. They try to make it all warm and fuzzy but they can’t because it is security not a trip to Disney World. Shut up and get in the scanner or don’t fly.

This was from MOM, who apparently was at one time one of those actors in the security Kabuki.

After seeing that the TSA is now banning toner cartridges from your carry-on luggage, and I guess banning larger sized ones from your checked in bags.
I now know how the Taliban is going to entirely shut down passenger air travel in America.

They're going to send one of their Jihadis here with a bomb shoved up his @ss and make sure he gets caught before it goes off.
Then the TSA will hire Proctologists for their newest anti-terror screenings.
After that, the first time they tell someone to drop trou and bend over, there'll be a riot and no-one would step foot in an airplane ever again.


  1. That whole article is somewhat disturbing...

  2. Two years from now everyone will have to fly nekkid.

    ........But hey! its for security!!! (umm granny, you can put your clothes back on- uncle Fred too)(No Cindy, you need to leave them off! Security, you know)

  3. Time for people to just quit flying unless it is absolutely necessary; maybe then the airlines will get a clue.