Friday, November 05, 2010

How convenient that find was

In the tightly contested Connecticut Governors race, that a bag of uncounted ballots was 'found' by Democrats. Now, in shades if the Al Franked stolen Minnesota election, they want to count them.

Republican officials were approached by Democratic operatives and told about the surprise ballot bag, according to Bridgeport GOP Chairman Marc Delmonico.

Delmonico said Democrats asked to have several people deputized to count the uncounted ballots, but Republicans objected, claiming that wasn't proper procedure in the vote-counting process.

And just let me guess....those polling places were run by the same people who want to run your life:
A ballot shortage led to long lines on Election Day, and a judge issuing an order to keep polls open until 10 p.m. Tuesday, two hours longer than every other town in the state.

Because of the shortage, many of the votes cast Tuesday were done so on photocopied ballots.

Election officials began counting those ballots just after 5 p.m. Thursday when the new bag of uncounted ballots was discovered.

AND in a completely unrelated spot of election fraud- by someone unaffiliated with either party, *koff* 75 ballots were found in a pond in San Fransisco....
Which probably won't be counted because of a break in custody.

....But it's not related to THIS at all, except the lack of mentioning WHO was running the election in San Fran.

Just to let you Liberals, Progressives and Socialists know-
When Citizens realize they can't trust the ballot box, there's another box they'll reach for.

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