Friday, November 05, 2010

It looks like a retraction is in order

According to AFP, the Pentagon said that there will not be 34 ships protecting the president.

Oops, my bad- should have looked a little further, but I'm not a "real" J-skool grad you can see by me not burying this post where you probably wouldn't find it.

I don't know why- given the kilometer long transparent AIR CONDITIONED transparent bombproof tunnel they're making so Brackus Obamus REX can walk (or be driven) to the Gandhi museum -yes transparent so people can get their entire half mile of adoration.
AND the monkey wranglers hired to protect him from his ancestors (in a completely Darwinish way)at the Taj Mahal that he's rented in its entirety.
Or the 3,000 staff of his closest friends.
Or the motorcade of 40+ carbon spewing armored limos.
Or the gourmet food that everyone will be eating.
Or the beaches that they'll probably be closing if Blackie-O wants to take a dip....

Nope, I should have realized that number was overblown, given that we know just how humble our little Barakie is.

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  1. Fehw... I figured that number sounded excessively large, but it is tremendously good news that it actually was.

    As for the total cost of this self-indulgent jaunt... that is another matter entirely.