Friday, November 12, 2010

One step closer

Ok, I'm going for this line locators job.

I passed my two phone interviews and got the online assesement.
I have about 20 hours left to complete it.
Now, given the fact that they seem to want people who are pretty independant- but adhere to the company policy about procedure...

Anyone have advice on how to answer that assesment?
I mean Lowe's obviously wants people to run to their super at any deviation in policy,,,but I don't think they're aiming for that.

How should my mindset be when I sit down for an hour to take those three timed tests?


  1. Be true to yourself and say, "My own personal integrity would be an asset to any company that I would work with."

    You do not compromise where honor and integrity are questionable; and you would not care to work with a company that does not hold to these same values.

  2. Apparently that big construction box store that promises the lowe'st prices wants a bunch of mommmys boys- I was brought up that you keep as much off the boss as possible.

    Yaeh, my 'take care of it yourself' theme didn't fly too well in a home improvement box store.

    But, I think they were suitably impressed when I told them about troubleshooting parking lot lights by the light of my cell phone... at 11:45 at night (looking at an 18 hr day)

  3. Those tests are brutal but as long as you answer truthfully and with integrity you'll be fine. I hate the "Role playing" questions they ask... But I guess it's to weed out the idiots...