Monday, October 08, 2007

To all of you out there who enjoys civilization---HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

To those of you who would rather live an "unspoiled and natural life"- get off the computer, turn off your electricity, throw out your canned and refrigerated food. Then, wherever you are strip down to your skivvies (girls, too there were no bras back in the good 'ol days), wrap an old wool blanket around your shoulders and WALK to the nearest park to find lunch.

I don't know how you people think that the life we live today is worse than the lives of day-to-day existence of the North American Indians, or the brutal slavery and cruel human sacrifice practiced by the Incas and Aztecs.

Sure, the Europeans ruled with a heavy hand, life was like that back then- everybody expected it. The only *sigh (with butterflies and birds chirping)* natural paradise /*sigh (with butterflies and birds chirping)* that existed was in books.
The only reason the Indian didn't completely trash the wilderness was that it was too big for their limited numbers to decimate. I'm sure your PC history books took care to remove any and all references to the way entire prairies were set afire to kill a handful of buffalo. The caring way that old people were abandoned in the winter to starve to death. The medicine man whose treatments consisted of calling to the spirits (not much more advanced than 15th century medicine, but it changed), and old was a little past 35- ancient was in their 50's.

Go ahead, protest about how badly you have it, just don't do it if you've had LAZIC, heart operations, bones reset, joints replaced, been vaccinated are over 18 and not crippled. Walk or take your horse to the protest grounds hauling your water in the stomach of some ruminant that you killed.

To everyone who enjoys living in America, speaking one language, and living past 50 without worrying where you'll sleep tonight or where your next meal is coming from---

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