Saturday, October 27, 2007

The more I use VISTA the less I like it

Aside from having the Liberal nannyism EVERY TIME I try to open, close or download frigging anything---ask "Do you really want to do that"....Dave?

Yes HAL, I *really* want to download the updates the Microsquish is offering me!

NOW, all you IT and AIT, and computer geeks techsperts tell me why:
  • I just started getting an error message that saysTHIS PROGRAM CANNOT DISPLAY THE WEBPAGE.....when I never went to a site that I couldn't get to
  • HOW do I get rid of it without comletely shutting the computer down...only to have it majically reappear! It won't even tell me WHERE it tried to go.
  • WHY it refuses to restore to Thursday (when I first noticed it)
  • Does anyone want to buy an almost brand new HP Compaq for $350 (used about two weeks) or trade for a Mac?
I finally forund the sekrit to getting the hard-drive out of the old HP, so I can go back to XP and A LOT LESS nannyism and the way Bill Gates decided that I was too idiotic to use some of the basic functions that are INACESSABLE IN VISTA....because we don't really NEED to know any more than *they* want us to.

They won't even let me uninstall IE7 and reinstall IE6.

Am I remebering things wrong, or did Win XP go from ,,,like $90 for the home edition to almost $200 when that abortion VISTA came out? I *know* they want more for XP now than they did before everyone got served with it wether they wanted it-or not.

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