Saturday, October 20, 2007

Surprisingly enough

This didn't happen in Bhaahaastin.

FLORENCE -- When she dropped the package off yesterday morning at Florence Township High School, the woman explained to school officials that her son needed the white pellets it contained for his science project.

All was fine until she mentioned that her son had urged her to be careful because the pellets could explode if dropped. Police said that prompted school officials to immediately lock down the school and call out township police, area hazardous materials teams, and the state police's bomb squad.

While the pellets were eventually determined to be harmless, the woman's son -- a 16-year-old whose name authorities are withholding because he is a juvenile -- was arrested and charged with causing false public alarm, disorderly conduct, and causing or risking widespread injury or damage, police said.

Gawd, nobody can take a joke anymore.

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