Monday, October 08, 2007

The laws of unintended consequence

It's something those in power (and mostly the Left side) try not to acknowledge as fact.

Simple things like
  • "We need more revenue, lets tax the 'excess traffic' on Massachusetts Ave"
    Ok, sounds good...but why are all the cars driving down Ohio Ave now?
  • "we need more tax money, lets boost the cigarette tax!
    OK, those evil smokers deserve it!...Ummm, it looks like they're not buying as many smokes.
  • HEY! Lets show *W* whose boss and declare Houston a sanctuary city!
    Ok, then we won't have to ask anyone if they're here illegally! What could happen?

Well guys, there's a guy who helped gang rape and torture two little girls to death who's probably not only going to get off, but walk away with millions for false arrest because didn't do what you were supposed to do (call the Mexican Embassy) while he was going through the legal system.

So because these sanctuary cities refuse to let law enforcement do what it's supposed to, not only is this piece of filth going to get off, 50 others will also walk.
If that's not enough, the Supreme court will have to decide if an international court (in Europe) will be able to decide which laws states will be allowed to enforce.

Brussels thinks an 85MPH speed limit is unsafe in Wyoming- BAM!- a much more reasonable (and safe) speed of 50 will be the new law.

Concealed carry? Brussels says NO! It's too dangerous.

AND, of course we'll need to build a huge new bureaucracy to decide on which AMERICAN laws we need to look at,,,and since we'll have to finance it-and it's an international thing- naturally we'll need to impose some kind of international tax on something.

OK, so I'm getting into the Ron Paul zone here a little, but do you think they'll stop at letting a murdering rapist free?

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