Friday, October 26, 2007

I have to admit that I'm surprised

Not that these bridge survivors are trying to gin up sympathy (and lots of money) for themselves.
I'm more surprised that that 9-11 payout hasn't been used as a precident more often.

Like anytime more than two people die at the same time, or that they died and the MSM covered it incessantly.

Sure it was bad, not as bad as 9-11 and I'm sure there are lots of people to sue in the bridge failure. It's not like their insurance became null and void as soon as some islamic nutjobs took control of three jets.

I was against the 9-11 payout because I saw it being used as a precident for all kinds of 'free' money to make the survivors feel better.
I was also against it for just the sake of basic fairness to everyone else who died or was sevierly injured on 9-11 that didn't get jack because they weren't in a certain location.

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