Friday, October 19, 2007

So, can anyone tell me WHY anyone is wasting any thing worthwhile in Somalia?

Now, the Government is attacking UN food distribution efforts.
Because the wrong people are getting fed.

I know I shouldn't judge all people by the actions of everyone I hear about the vast majority a few bad apples, but nothing I hear has anything positive in it.
We went in to try to make sure food got to where it was supposed to go...the poor and the children. We were attacked incessantly untill Clinton pulled us out.
Their Islamic refugees are trying to enforce their cult on everyone they can here in America with theier cabbies refusing rides and their checkout clerks refusing service.

I bet you can't come up with ONE thing any Somali has done to enhance anything in a positive way. I wouldn't mind kicking every one I meet right in the nards...except I'd get thrown in jail for it.

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