Monday, October 15, 2007

So,,,,,700 people were murdered in LA county this year

So far.
That would equal like,,,What- 3500 since we invaded Iraq? At the 700/year count, actually it's more like 5,000 per year at the annual murder rate.
That's just in Los Angeles COUNTY- not the state of Califonica.

So, when are the Libs in congress going to make a plan for us to cut and run?

I know it won't happen, because Bush didn't have anything to do with it-AND it's pretty much a result of almost 50+ years of Liberal lifestyles.

I guess we need to shovel even more money into social engineering and the schip program....HEY, did you hear what Nan said about that money? Something like 'All the poor childern going without healthcare while all that money is going into Iraq..."

Well Nan, can I call you that Speaker Pelosi?
Anyway, "all that money going into Iraq (or was it wasted in Iraq)" will stop one day,,,YOUR gov't healthcare will. never. stop. As a matter of fact all it will do is grow.

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