Sunday, October 07, 2007

I don't know the shop

But I do know the area it's located. It's NOT a low class, low quality area.

So why do they put the advert on craigslist as:
Necesito ayudante mecanico/mecanic helper needed
Yeah, I had a once reputable shop in Castroville try to sell me a complete engine rebuild because the parts changer (who only spoke Mexican) checked my oil level instead of trying to figure out how to run the diagnostic machine like I payed for. This was MORENOS AUTO REPAIR in Castroville, Tx.

I went in there for the B-4000 that was using a quart of oil a week- to find which sensor was bad and to have it bypassed (so the computer would mellow out). The Mech and the counter guy pretty much told me that if I didn't have the engine rebuilt or replaced (they just happened to have one in stock) that my truck would catch on fire, seize the rear end up and cause a fiery wreck into a Catholic preschool.
I told them 'thank you for your concern, but I only came in to see if you could bypass a sensor."
I ended up paying $40 for a non-English speaking parts changer to look at a dipstick.

I won't be wasting my time going to a shop that I *know* pays so bad that they need to advertise in ,,,another language.

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