Sunday, October 07, 2007

Guess where we're going today!

I'm so exited!

This is Karens first one, I hope it's not too crowded.

Maybe I'll take pictures.

What a waste of an hour drive. There were about 15 or so vendors, most of who (whome?) were selling 'well used' and common guns for the price of new. Sorry, I'm not spending $550 on a pitted-up .38 police special or $800 on a .32 Marlin lever action. They had a Schmeisser broomhandle there for only $2500.

Karen did see her first Javelina on the asement on the way to Pleasantville, which was the highlight of the ride. She decided she could shoot a pig, but would still have problems with a deer. Cool, pigs are free here and nice lean meat. "Hunny, we're getting low on ham, wanna go shoot us one?"

I don't know how fast some drive, but it would probably take me over an hour to get from pleasanton to Port Lavaca if someone wanted us to drop-in.

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