Thursday, October 11, 2007

Slow posting ahead

It looks like the hard drive in the main computer went south yesterday.
I'm on the laptop- which I can't type on, and don't really like- so my linited posting will be even more soradic.
Karen tried everything she could, including all the restore CDs we have in the house.

We have a choice of
  1. A new tower--the bad is $365 and up, Plus we'd be getting VISTA, and then needing new peripherials to work with it.....NOPE!
  2. What I threatened to do when I heard about VISTA...but I *really* don't want to fork out on the plus side of $800 for a Mac system.
  3. Which leaves us with a new hard drive and an XP installation.
What I'd like to know from those who help us pebkc's is
Are there any brands that are better, or that we should stay away from?
In case it matters the main one is an H/P Pavillion 514n.

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