Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Look dude, you're already late

Because of all the OTHER wrecks all over town this morning.
So slow. the. f*ck. down.
All that fast and reckless driving your doing is going to cause another one and you'll be EVEN LATER than you wold have been by driving like a sane person.

We had a little rain this morning and every main road into the city had at least one wreck. 410 NW (my road) was blocked by a broke down Suburban in the left lane, so I got off early and went the other way. That four lane road was blocked by an F-150 who tried
to outrun a red light and another truck that tried the same thing from the opposite side.

After getting my paperwork from the office, I passed another car wreck on the 281 entrance ramp,,,another F-150 with a twisted front end started that one.
Going passed the airport cargo road was another F-150 that shoved a Caddy's trunk into the back seat - this on a road whose speed limit is 40MPH.

Traffic was still messed up when I got done with work.

So here's another driving lesson from Kurt (who doesn't like to dawdle while driving):
Your late, everyone is late and the boss knows it. Go with the flow and try not to cause anymore delays by getting into another wreck. You'll be even later by having to exchange information, or ending up in the hospital.
Not to mention all the other drivers you'll be p*ssing off by making them wait to drag your vehicle off the road.

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