Saturday, October 13, 2007

I see that my girl said something again

And as usual, the Libs are up in arms about it.

--So cue the Anne Coulter theme song---

And read what it's about this time.

Yeah, Anne had the chuspah to mention Christianity in a positive way. She also said something about Christians being perfected Jews....dunno about that, but I do know and recognize that Christianity is an outgrouth of Judeaism.

I think the 'laws' Anne was talking about were Jewish religious laws that Christ died to relieve ud Christians of.

But anyway we can look at it as yet another example of the usual Liberal hypocracy. Acting offended because a Conservative mentioned what they've been yelling incessantly.

Anne Coulter dissing Jews= hatespeach ..............the MSM and it's Hollywood spokesflacks praising islamic terrorists= normal everyday conversation (actually it shows their compassion to the downtrodden).

Rush Limaugh mentions Phoney soldiers= disloyal hatespeach that needs to be stopped immediatly...........Hillaries "Willing suspension of disbelief" aimed at Gen Petreaus AND the ex-Marine (who happens to be a Senator also) and his accusal of the Haditha Marines being cold blooded killers....................Protected speach, PLUS it's official government policy BECAUSE it was said and recorded in chambers.

Yeah, ratburt- when your side starts cleaning up your side, I'll worry about mine.

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