Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I reaaly have to admit that when I saw this headline...

Katrina missteps still haunting Bush

That my first thought was: "It didn't do much good for Blanco, either."

And naturally, the AP writer Jennifer Loven makes sure you know what to think while reading her hit piece article about Federal emergency response.

he White House reacted with what has become a familiar pattern: Bush dropped a few lines of sympathy and promised assistance into an already scheduled speech. Across the administration, aides volunteered as many facts and figures as possible about the federal contribution to the disaster response, a federal emergency to speed relief funding was declared in the middle of the night, and a presidential visit to the affected area was quickly arranged.

The White House's handling of Katrina in the days before it hit the U.S. Gulf Coast in late August 2005 seemed set to follow this model. Bush and his aides issued repeated warnings to worried locals, conferred with officials in the region and promised Washington would do all it could to help.

But once the massive storm blew ashore, smashing Mississippi's coastal communities to sticks and submerging New Orleans in water, the federal response turned dismal.

Locals were left wanting for urgently needed supplies. Bush seemed disengaged from the crisis and then stumbled through initial appearances in the disaster zone aimed at correcting the impression. And some locals feel the White House's level of engagement in the Gulf Coast's continuing misery hasn't improved much in two years.

Katrina was a departure from Bush's handling of previous disasters.

No lady, FEMA handled Katrina like all the other previous disasters. There problem was that they relied on corrupt political hacks to do what competent leaders did in all the other states.

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