Sunday, April 17, 2005

Update on our CATatonic relationship with the dogs

Ok we'd been feeding the cat thru the fence, and he'd been coming through it to get some attention. Yesterday I left the little black dog out (more medium size, really) to see if she'd be nice. She knew the cat was in the yard with us, but didn't know where. As wife was working on the garden, cat was with her and dog found him.

The black dog didn't hesitate before she went for the cat and got a mouthfull of grey fur, and a swat across the face from the cat. Meg was startled, and took a step back as the cat was swiping at air. Cat saw an opportunity, and up the tree he went. It was a tree next to the back porch, and dog didn't know WHERE cat went. She can't climb trees, so I guess it never occored to her to look up.

Anyway the cat stayed in the tree untill wife and I went out to practice with the pellet gun (about 2 hours later), guess cat is a Liberal and doesn't like guns. Down the tree he went, and though the fence.

OK, you'd think the cat would get a clue about dogs. Wrong, he was inside the fence with BOTH dogs runing free. I was spraying them as they got too close, well dogs are dogs, and nature took it's course. It was the same friendly black dog that went after the cat again. He's now hiding under the back shed.

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