Monday, April 25, 2005

Update on getting Dish network

Apparently, DishPronto has an affilliate down here that moved from Vermont after their sitcom was cancelled. I was scheduled to get my dish on Sat. but it was rescheduled for Sun, when Larry, Darryl and Darryl couldn't find my house. The Dish rep. I talked to Sun. nite told me they said they tried calling a phone that wasn't in use, and I was waiting - and couldn't get an answer. They were supposed to call my work cell phone today, but I didn't have any missed calls or messages.

Larrys mom answered the call at 4:35PM today and said "thaht I'd lefd ah messuge because it wouldn't ainser."
Me: OK, when's the soonest you can do it?
Lm: Ah kin skedule you as the first alternet tomarrah, if ya wanna wait all day.
Me: No I work, can't you have them come over at 4:15 or so?
Lm: Let me talk to the manerger ** holding** **holding** OK, no we kain't do thaht.
Me: Why not?
Lm: Because he said it'd take up to six hours to do 4 rooms. If we'd send one of them boys out that late, they'd git done after 10PM.
Me: ?????????
Lm: want us ta reskedule ya fer next Sat?
Me: NO, take me off your list, and refund my money, I'll go to Radio shack and do it myself, I can drill 4 holes through an outside wall.
Lm: Ok, I'll take you off the skeduale, but you'll have to talk to DishNetwork to git yer money bak, we're just an affiliate.

OK, so my crappy Charters' gone, and I don't have satellite TV. It doesn't bother me all that much, I'll miss Fox and Friends, and the Weather channel, but it'll be hard on the wife- missing her bad sci-fi, and all.

(Update 9:30PM- I couldn't get ahold of Dish Network, I was on hold for almost 20 min listening to how"important your call is to us". I wonder who won the bet on the length of hold time I'd tolerate. I guess I'll follow-up on the flaming mail that got sent.

I'm now scheduled for DIRECT TV for Weds afternoon at $19.00 instead of an upfront charge of $49.99)

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