Thursday, April 28, 2005

Emperor Misha has a link to Cali's new brainstrom on "firearm Safety"

They want to engrave serial numbers on each bullet.

Granted, I haven't seen much about it, but it raises some questions in my mind. Just off hand :
  1. Where will it be engraved? Wouldn't the propellant pretty much burn off anything "lightly' engraved on the base? We know it wouldn't last in front.
  2. Would the SN be on the casing, too?
  3. What about reloaders? Would they come pre-engraved? And if the case had the old SN, how would that change?
  4. What if you use those "birdshot" rounds? SN on each BB?
  5. Same question if your weapon gets stolen, they have your registered rounds?
  6. Muzzel loaders? What about the people who make their own bullets? Will they have to send them in to get 'tagged'? Will they then be tested for 'environmental hazards' too?
Hope someone asks, I have a good idea it wouldn't fly here in Texas.


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