Friday, April 15, 2005

I had forgotten just how expensive it is to move

Not the moving its self- we did that, but the initial service fees. We're paying SBC $157.06 for 3 days of service; and speaking of phones:
if I wanted my service companys primary message to be MEXICAN, I wouldn't have signed up for one whose spokesbabe speaks the Kings English and Welch. Sorry but I have a gripe about an AMERICAN company giving their MEXICAN customers first billing on the hierarchy of auto answering machines.

I've been prompt on the electric, so Bluebonnet Elect. Co-op can send a credit letter to Medina Co. Elect. Co-op, and not have another $250 added to the bill.

As far as a choice between Charter cable and satellite TV, go satellite. When you cull all the Shopping channels, MEXICAN channels, Sports channels, and other assorted BS, there are about 15 choices to flip through. I'll pay the same amount for about 120 usable channels, thank you very much.

Did I mention we inherited a declawed cat? The dogs want to 'play' with it. He (his given name is/was Beudreau) they're slowly getting together. I don't think the black dog would have too much trouble, but the fat white one doesn't want to play nice. He has access to water, but we're putting his food arms reach on the other side of the fence. He had some Tx style pork ribs last night, too.

Everything is settling down, the girls are out playing in the community park, and wife is watching her bad Sci-Fi (yes we have the Sci-Fi Channel).

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