Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Something that smells alot like San Antonio politics

Exept that it's Hewlett-Packard.

They gave the discraced exec "In addition to her 2004 salary of $1.4 million, the ousted chief executive reaped $1.6 million in performance bonuses. Her severance package was valued at $21.3 million. What else? Six months of administrative support, home security payments for a year, her desktop computer and three months of tech support. Oh, and $50,000 for financial counseling and legal and outplacement services."

It's like San antonio City hall on a smaller scale. They got rid of almost every head of every department there, and gave them all an extremely generous package. The S.A.W.S.( Water board) left with all his bennies and time off, and a years extra salery- his --part time--replacement is getting over $280,000 and full time bennies.
The Mayor Garza almost got the City Manager fired in the middle of the night- just a small "Open Meetings" law stopped that. She quit, and got A full years salary and all bennies, and I think "maintenance" untill she gets another job.
Her --part time-- replacement is making more than her also.

The new (almost) C.M. was going to get $50,000 in moving expenses, $1,000 in cell calls, Taxpayer payed trips back home twice a month for a year, $7,000/mo car allawance, and I'm not sure what her salery was, or her (even better) severance package was. But then again, she needed it, cause it's easy to pick on the girl.

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