Monday, April 04, 2005

Ok, we're moved- mostly

We got most of our stuff here, and the dogs have been exploring all afternoon.
It took two trailer loads to get the big stuff out here, and my fuel milage went in the tank. I figgured I was getting about 10 MPG or so- there was a strong easterly wind, so I was fighting the wind with the loaded trailer.

My Ev-1 internet dial-up is really slow- out of Hondo, and Charter cable leaves ALOT to be desired(compared to Time-Warner). I went with Charter because the phones weren't supposed to be hooked up untill early this week- good job SBC for being ahead of the curve. I just don't know what I've got as far as expanded local phone service, or what the long distance plan is like. I did it when I had free time at work.

I'll be getting satellite TV soon, but payed for a month of cable, so there's no rush.

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