Saturday, April 02, 2005

Exept for the "Big Guy" in Rome, it looks like a quiet nite

I'm not Catholic, so he didn't mean much to me. On the good side he did his part in the defeat of Communism.

Then were the pediphile preists- which was swept under the rug- untill the rug was too full.
And the way it seemed like he tried to buck America every time we tried to do away with brutal dicators, or tried to improve a third worlds lot in life.

Back at the home front, I'm finally getting caught up to what I should have completed last week-end. We're slowly, but shurely getting moved. First thing tomorrow, the beds are going on the trailer, and packed in- then off 10 miles west of Castroville.
We have Electricity, Water, Trash pick-up, and Tv watching ability. Right now we have Charter cable -only- we're too far out to get broadband. Now I can try to get the best deal on satellite TV.

I'll have to still come back next week-end to finish up what needs doing, not much tho, and hopefully we'll have new tennants here (so I can have electric and water).

All is settling down in casa trainwreck, wife is watching her bad sci-fi, and the girls are in their rooms.

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