Saturday, April 09, 2005

I was looking at my new edition of Popular Mechanics for April

The print version, the link will have it up next month.
They are giving us their vision of the near future (25 years, or so).

The cars look like cr*p, powered by 'widely available alternative fuels'. They didn't mention Pick-ups, but the way they're going- they'll look like a minivan with the back notched out. If you can even buy one anymore.
I mean, c'm on- when's the last time you saw a pick-up that LOOKED like a pick-up is (was) supposed (used) to look? The front glass is extending farther and farther into the hood, the cabs are getting bigger and the bed's are getting shorter. The next "new" pickup I get will be something like an old Apache, '60-'68 year model C-10, old F-100, Power waggon, or International p/up with a totaly upgraded interior, drive train, ICE F*CKING COLD a/c, C/D player, seats , , , Everything new but the body.

OHhh, back to the mag, soldiers are going to look kinda like storm troopers, with "reactive" uniforms that *harden* when hit and high tech helmets, and caseless ammunition. If those BDUs are as clumsy and hot as they look, I hope they have a lightweight cooling system in them.
The "housing" is as improbable as the rest. I guess if you spend all your time in a HUGE city, you think everyone wants to live in a ricketty box that snaps together.

Thanks P.M., I'll keep my old style country living.

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