Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Thank GOD we live over 180 miles inland and about 760 ft above sea level

According to this article over at the Nice Doggie site, stolen from LGF ,allah is going to swamp America with a tidal wave.

Doesn't that just go to show you what I've believed for quite a while?
Islam is jealous of us (Christians and Jews- the infidel) because we got the good stuff first and keep progressing.
Our religions are older than Islam, more tolerant (the Cusades were a backlash against the moslem invasion of southern Europe)generally.
Both of us(Judeo-Christians) have the Old Testement ( we have a new one, too) They have the k(QU)oran, and it's a cheap knock-off of the bible, with none of the love and humility.
Our religion has been around before the Christ- theirs was cooked up around 800 A.D. (if I remember right).
We have Adam and Eve: them - they treat women as badly as dogs.
We have Moses and Soloman- ummm they hate dogs.
We had Noah and the flood- and the Dove of Peace- They have a Tsunami 3,000 years later.

Yep, I'm sure glad that in 2007 when Allah decides to flood the U.S. by sinking the Canary Islands I'll be sitting in the hill country of Texas, SURF FISHING.

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