Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ok, so now they're not only protecting us from ourselves

They're wanting to protect animals from themselves.

"Horses are particularly at high risk when there is intense action, so we're looking at adding another level of supervision and looking at stricter guidelines," Spaulding said.

Monday's accident marked the second time a horse was injured during filming on "Flicka." The AHA said a horse broke its leg in an accident two weeks ago. The break was so bad that the horse had to be euthanized.

Representatives for Fox and Animal Services said that they had no knowledge of the previous incident and could not comment.

Animal accidents, while rarer than they once were, still occur. The AHA said a horse was accidentally impaled during filming of 2001's "American Outlaws," and a bull broke its neck during a cattle drive during 2003's "The Rundown."

The AHA said that with productions going overseas, animal accidents on studio films might increase.

"There is no oversight, so the animals and the actors are at risk," Spaulding said. "We're hearing reports that that's happening."

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