Thursday, April 14, 2005

Sorry about the lack of posts, it's been kinda hectic here

The work computer doesn't didn't have a printer hooked to the computer, so I had to do it at home. I'm redoing report sheets for the Railroad Commission, and quarterly reports, as I try to find things.

Also the unwritten "15 minutes on the phone" that I and the 14 yr-old (and mom generally) were using got thrown out the window last night when the 16 yr-old was gabbling and giggling with ther old friends in Lockhart. I said something about the time she was on the phone and - GUESS WHAT??? I was in trouble for picking on her! Yep, the two year old "15 minute rule" got *forgotten* about as soon as I mentioned it in regards to her "Precious". I can't win for loosing when it comes to her. I can't talk to her. When I open my mouth to say someting, I can hear that HUGE bankvault door slamming shut in her mind, and if I say anything I'd have better luck talking to the wall.

Oh cr*p, it just occured to me, she's a 16 yr-old sophmore, she'll be a 17 yr-old junior, and then a 18 year-old senior - - I CAN'T stop wasting money on her 18th b-day. I have to put up with her untill she's almost 19. OHHHhhhhh, the horror.

Well maybe then she might actually start acting like some kind of responsible adult - hopefuly.

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