Thursday, April 21, 2005

Remember at the beginning of this last Iraqi war

When a moslem soldier attacked his company with gernades and an ASSAULT RIFLE? Probably not, because it was premeditated murder by a person of the "Religion of Peace" and MSM doen't want to go there.

Turns out that (soon to be EX) SGT Hasan Akbar has been convicted Thursday by a military jury of premeditated murder and attempted murder in a grenade and rifle attack.

The reason for this attack? "Prosecutors say Akbar told investigators he launched the attack because he was concerned U.S. troops would kill fellow Muslims in Iraq. They said he coolly carried out the attack to achieve "maximum carnage" on his comrades in the 101st Airborne Division."

And naturally his defense tried: "Defense attorney Maj. Dan Brookhart countered that Akbar was concerned the invasion of Iraq would result in the deaths of Muslims and that U.S. soldiers would rape Iraqi women. (YUK - Kurt)

He said the prosecution's depiction of Akbar as a cold-blooded killer ignored that the defendant was sufficiently mentally ill — though not insane — to be confused and fearful about the impending invasion of Iraq.

The defense lawyer scoffed at an Army psychiatrist's testimony that Akbar suffered merely from "the blues" — not any serious mental problems.

"It doesn't make any sense. This guy doesn't have the blues," he said. "He is mentally ill."


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