Friday, November 26, 2010

"Honey, the new Top Gear is on"

are you going to watch it?

Me: Which one?

Her: The new American show.

Me: No, I have the original on BBCA, why watch a cheap copy?

Then I heard 'Jessica' and some guys talking when the channel changes.

Her: They copied the whole thing, music, sound stage, the opening...

Me: I know, our TV producers suck at innovation. That's why your shows are so good over here.
I bet they had a tall funny-ish guy, a semi-hippie music professor and a short writer.

Her: I didn't watch that far...

Me: That's ok, I bet not a lot of others did either. It probably won't last five episodes. Why watch a crappy rip-off when you can see the original in your language?

We brought back something I gave my little sister when I got out of the Navy because I didn't have anywhere to put it- now I have two visitors every hour because of it.

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  1. I heard about this, rolled my eyes, and went back to watching Jeremy Clarkson.


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