Sunday, July 24, 2011

So the Democrats want to spread the pain equally...

Ok, here's a suggestion to help them prove they're really willing to 'share the pain.'
Drop that idea about everyone who earns $250K (or $200K depending on who's being quoted) and lets lower it so that everyone who earns over $119K per year pay the rich-man-tax. Right? It's only fair that those making financial decisions have skin in the game.

Then, since Democrats want to soak the rich and make everyone pay their 'fair share'-
lets get a wealth tax going, because the super rich don't really make all that much income, but should be willing to sacrifice for the team. Right George Soros?

And then since we're all about spreading the pain- those 51% who pay no income taxes at all are going to have a rude awakening on April 15 when Mr. Geithner is knocking on their doors....

But, still I'm wondering what Nancy Pelosi has any right to weigh-in on the debt talks anyway-since she hasn't had a Constitutionally mandated budget for over two years. Why don't the Repubs keep hammering the fact that neither side of the Dem congress has had anything close to fiscal responsibility for two to three years now.

And we're getting hammered for trying to clean up the mess.


  1. There's a "bi-partisan" deal in the works but Mr Obama has already said NO.

    Republicans will, as always, eventually CAVE.


  2. In Zeroman's world you're rich if you have a job, forget income limits. And he'd love to take every penny and redistribute it more appropriately. The Dems idea of sharing the pain was making us put up with Pelosi as Speaker. They'd love to do that again.