Tuesday, July 05, 2011

In my home range

Where I'm paying my mortgage.
I have two options, one is the overpriced and and slightly predatory Wildblue satellite internet.

OR we have out (Ex) charter cable-n which is now something good.
In my new job,I'm burying cable for the guys putting new cable and internet in the ground.

I really shouldn't say this- --as a matter of fact, I think it's illegal according to my personnel booklet- but my cable that's 8 miles from the nearest city is better than the internet that's based in this city,m,,


  1. Hello Kurt,

    My name is Abby Catron, and I am a Communications Specialist for Charter. I came across your blog and would love the opportunity to get you set up with some good working service at the best possible price. Please send an e-mail to Umatter2Charter@chartercom.com with the name, address, and phone number on the account, as well as the best number to reach you. Also, please put "CharterAbby - atrainwreckinmaxwell.blogspot.com" in the subject line so that I can keep an eye out for the e-mail and include the services would you be interested in. For example: high-speed internet, cable, HDTV, etc.

    Here's a link to the Charter Social Media Team website for your reference: http://www.charter.com/UMatter2Charter.

    Looking forward resolving your concerns,

    Abby Catron
    Communications Specialist - Charter

  2. Abby, What makes you think I have Charter?

    As a matter of fact, Reach Broadband bought you out years ago and the first thing they did was put in a repeater at the entrance to our subdivision.
    NOW we have cable and fast broadband internet- instead of sort-of-faster-than-dialup we had when you owned that co-ax cable.

    ALSO Abby- that crappy internet I was talking about was owned by charter until it was bought out recently- and they're still trying to upgrade it.

  3. My apologies for the misunderstanding, Kurt. Take care!...Abby