Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why are we even bothering with a debt ceiling?

Every time we get close it gets raised anyway.
Lets just do away with it and quit the Kabuki about trying to stay solvent.

That $2.4 trillion dollars over ten years doesn't even cover plastic sporks that the .GOV throws away in ten years.

We've been talking about getting serious about fraud, waste and abuse since I was in the Navy back in the `80's- we should have that knocked out by now- you'd think.

But no. We need money to borrow to spend on paying out increasing debt and making noise for the great unwashed to make them think we're serious about "doing something!!!!" about the debt.

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  1. Why are we even bothering with a debt ceiling?

    "We" aren't.

    Wait - the government uses plastic sporks? I thought even the janitors had solid gold cutlery.


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