Sunday, July 03, 2011

What did Danielle do now

That has about 20% of my sitemeter looking up Dannie Diesel?

I mean she's as cute as a bug except for those nasty @ss tats she ruined her skin with- but why let that stop us from enjoying her?

Whatever, but why do women want to ruin their skin for a fad that's going to look like some kind of leprosy in about 20 years....

Hey! Who's got a tribal band on their bicep?
Boy I bet you thought that was going to be cool forever, didn't you?

But I admit- since I'm hitting advanced middle age, I'm thinking about one from my earlier days.
At least when they plant me, mine won't look like "a turd with a tail" (describing a tiger tat).

1 comment:

  1. She's very cute, except for as you note, the tattoos. Some day she's going to spend a bundle to get those removed. And still will have scars from that.

    I predict that medical science will develop a fast, painless, way to remove tattoos before either cancer or the common cold are cured.